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The Path to Success

Start your journey with any service package or advisory course.  Upgrade to the next level at any time.

Membership Meetings

A great way to get the help you need at an affordable price when you are first starting out.  The primary goal is to start off on the right foot and avoid costly mistakes.

Startup Incubator

With our start up incubator program, we help you do what you need to do when you can’t afford a bookkeeper. You will attend a monthly small business bootcamp webinar with an accounting partner and other start up business owners.  Each month will have an extensive question and answer session as well as covering at least one “need to know” topic for a business owner.  You will also have access to our Resource Library where you can find a lot of your questions answered.  Recommended for businesses with less than $100,000 a year in revenue.

Club DIY

A step up from the Incubator level, this group is for people trying to do learn and do their own books in Quickbooks, who have been in business 6 months or more but still cannot afford to hire a bookkeeper.  We will help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that could cost you thousands of dollars later.  Each month will have an extensive question and answer session as well as training on the proper use of Quickbooks. Recommended for businesses with low profits, during the first 2 years of business.

Bookkeeping Packages

Each package is custom tailored and priced to your business needs.  Each package includes audit ready results, where your documents are attached to your transactions and ready if, or when, your business gets audited.  Never lose sleep worrying about the state of your finances or financial records!  The biggest variable between packages is how fast you see results, how soon or how often you get reports, and other delivery variables.  

Outsourced Bookkeeper

At this level, you are still involved in your bookkeeping.  We will perform monthly reconciliations, reviews and quarterly reports, while helping you maintain real time, audit ready books.  Recommended for businesses that are still operating at less than optimal profit margins, who need accurate books for tax compliance purposes and who can “self serve” for more frequent reporting.

Collaborative Bookkkeeper

The Collaborative package is a full service bookkeeping package, with optional add ons for our full range of services.  With this package, you will submit your documents to a portal and all data entry, data management and review is done for you.  You will receive 2 report packages every month; one is the standard set of financial packages and the other will advise you of certain actions or transactions that warrant your attention.  Recommended for businesses that are off the ground and running and for business owners that didn’t start a business to become a bookkeeper.

Strategic Partner

This is our highest-level bookkeeping package.  We are in it with you, as if we were a strategic partner.   You’ll receive a monthly KPI Scorecard to help you track important numbers at a glance.  You get priority treatment in meeting requests, message responses, fulfillment, and more. (It is secretly our goal to help all clients reach this level)!

Advisory Add On Packages

All packages come with regular meetings with members of your accounting team and a platform to organize our progress, ideas and plans.   

Operational Advisory

Refine your definition of success and build a roadmap to achieve an intentional, vision driven business.  If you aren't headed in the direction of your goal, you will likely end up somewhere else.

Management Advisory

Employees are often the biggest asset and biggest expense a company has.  Learn to form effective teams, enhance employee performance, foster accountability and build a distinctive company culture... All the while utilizing this asset to maximum effectiveness at a cost  that is within budget.

Cash Flow Advisory

The number one cause of failure in small businesses is cash; poor cash management or insufficient cash flow.  We will do comprehensive review of every aspect of cash in your business, help you master your profitability and have a sufficient cash flow to meet your obligations and goals

Financial Advisory

Gain key insights into your business and determine the most appropriate key performance indicators that will guide you on your path. Make better decisions every day for your business to drive those KPI's.  Gain a financial mindset and profit mentality that will drive your goals and the longevity of your business. 

Succession Advisory

The days may seem long at first, but you won't run your business forever.  The sooner you plan your exit from the business, the more time you have to exit on your terms.  Whether that is to sell the business, hand it down to your children, or simply retire, the sooner we put a plan in place, the more time your have to ensure you achieve this, your final business goal.

Add on Packages

As your business grows, so do your accounting needs.  Choose from any of the following to add on to your bookkeeping package.

Payroll Services

One of the earlies goals your business will likely reach is the need and ability to hire employees.  Let us help you make that transition, manage your payroll, ensure your payroll taxes are paid and returns are filed on time.

Inventory Management

Many small businesses either don't have or don't need to track their inventory within their accounting system.  This add on is for those that do need inventory tracking within QBO.

Bill Pay

Essential to your businesses success is making sure you are paying your bills on time.  If you are busy growing your business, it is hard to stay on top of everything.  Let us take this task off your to do list. This can also be a great tool in managing your cash.  Note that payments are made through an app and you still approve and control the release of funds.

Forecasts and Budgets

As you continue to grow your business, you will want to keep an eye on spending, setup budgets, monitor your performance within the budget, as well as keeping an eye on what will happen over the upcoming months.

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